1. Ünite Hello! – Merhaba!
# Expressing likes and dislikes (Beğenilerini ve sevmediklerini ifade etmek)
# Greeting and meeting people (Tebrikler ve insanlarla tanışmak)
# Making simple inquiries (Basit araştırma yapmak)

2. Ünite My Town – Kasabam
# Asking for and giving directions (Excuse me, how can i get to the city center?)
# Talking about locations of things and people (Where are you? I’m at the library.)

3. Ünite Games and Hobbies – Oyunlar ve Hobiler
# Describing what people do regularly (Do you play …? No, I don’t. What are your hobbies? Playing chess and tennis.)
# Expressing ability and inability (Can you play …?)
# Expressing likes and dislikes (likes, don’t likes)

4. Ünite My Daily Routine – Günlük Rutinim
# Describing what people do regularly. (What time do …? When do you …?)
# Telling the time (What time is it? It’s half past nine.)
# Naming numbers (Numbers from 50 to 100)

5. Ünite Health – Sağlık
# Expressing illnesses, needs and feelings (I feel cold. I have the fly. I have a fever.)
# Making simple suggestions (You should stay in bed. Have a rest. Visit a doctor.)

6. Ünite Movies – Filmler
# Describing characters/people (Superman is very strong/brave/…)
# Expressing likes and dislikes (I don‘t like/dislike/hate horror movies.)
# Making simple inquiries (What is the movie about?)
# Stating personal opinions (I think Superman is brave.)
# Telling the time (What time is the movie? — It‘s at seven o‘clock.)

7. Ünite Party Time – Parti Zamanı
# Asking for permission (Mom, can I have a birthday party? — Sure/For sure.)
# Expressing and responding to thanks (This is lovely, thanks/Thank you very much. — You‘re (most) welcome.)
# Greeting and meeting people (— Welcome! — Nice to see you!)
# Expressing obligation (I must go to the birthday party.)
# Telling the days and dates (When‘s your birthday?)

8. Ünite Fitness – Fitness
# Making simple inquiries (Can you …? What is your favorite …? Which exercise/sports do you like?)
# Asking for clarification (Sorry, can/could you repeat that,
# Making/accepting/refusing simple suggestions (Let’s go …, That sounds great. # How about …? Sorry. I can’t now.)

9. Ünite The Animal Shelter – Hayvan Barınağı
# Asking for permission (Can we …? can I feed …? Of course … That’s not a good idea.)
# Describing what people/animals are doing now (What is/are … doing? The cat is climbing the tree.)

10. Ünite Festivals – Festivaller
# Describing general events and repeated actions (How does Ayşe celebrate Ramadan? — She visits her relatives.)
# Naming numbers (numbers 100, 200, …, 1000)


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